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With Mary let my Soul Rejoice

(General, Magnificat)
This song, often known by its Latin name 'Magnificat', is the song that Mary the mother of Jesus sings when she visits her cousin Elizabeth, Luke 1:46-55. The words of this modern ve...

Courage, Trust, Forgiveness, Justice, Humility, Respect, Reverence, Endurance, Community (Koinonia), Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Mothering Sunday

Tell Out My Soul

(Praise, Magnificat) This song, often known by its Latin name 'Magnificat', is the song that Mary the mother of Jesus sings when she is pregnant. It is usually said or sung every evening in Anglican cathedrals. This modern version is writt...

Courage, Trust, Justice, Thankfulness, Hope, Humility, Respect, Reverence, Wisdom, Endurance, Community (Koinonia), Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Mothering Sunday, Holy Week, Easter, Trinity, Pentecost, Harvest/Creation, All Saints/All Souls

Away in a Manger

(Reflection, Prayer, General)
This famous Christmas carol reminds us that Jesus was born as a helpless baby. In the last verse we sing of Jesus as a grown up - as our Lord. And then we ask him to be with ...

Courage, Trust, Compassion, Christmas, Epiphany

Once in Royal David's City

(General, Gathering)
This traditional carol was first published in the nineteenth century in a book called Hymns for Little Children by the writer Cecil F. Alexander . Every Christmas, it is sung at the F...

Peace, Trust, Hope, Humility, Community (Koinonia), Advent, Christmas, Epiphany

O Little Town of Bethlehem

This traditional Christmas carol is about Christ's birth in Bethlehem. It is a little unusual in its use of images of silence, stillness and light. The tune is very famous, it is an adaptation o...

Peace, Thankfulness, Hope, Respect, Reverence, Community (Koinonia), Christmas, Epiphany

Mary had a Baby

This Christmas carol comes from the African-American tradition and talks about the coming of the baby Jesus. In verses 2, 4 & 6 you could try having a soloist or a solo group singing the ques...

Peace, Thankfulness, Hope, Respect, Reverence, Community (Koinonia), Advent, Christmas, Epiphany

While Shepherds Watched their Flocks by Night

This popular carol seems to be about the shepherds but is really about the message sung by the angels and their detailed description of who Christ is and where he can be found.

Hope, Humility, Respect, Reverence, Community (Koinonia), Christmas, Epiphany

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

(Gathering, General)
This traditional English Christmas carol is sung to a tune by the German composer Felix Mendelssohn.  The words tell us about the sacrifice that Christ made so that life and heal...

Courage, Peace, Forgiveness, Justice, Hope, Endurance, Community (Koinonia), Christmas, Epiphany

We Three Kings

(General) This traditional carol can be sung at Christmas or Epiphany. It tells the story of the wise men visiting Jesus. Although it doesn't say in the Bible that there were three kings, this is part of the legend that has grown up around...

Courage, Trust, Hope, Respect, Reverence, Endurance, Christmas, Epiphany

For All the Saints

(General, Praise, Sending out)
The saints in this song are the believers who have died. At the feast of All Saints we remember them and this hymn speaks of how they, alongside Jesus, are part of the heave...

Courage, Creativity/Creation, Justice, Thankfulness, Compassion, Respect, Reverence, Service, Endurance, Community (Koinonia), All Saints/All Souls

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