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Stages of Worship

WorshipWorkshop will help you to create your own patterns of worship around your own themes.  WorshipWorkshop provides prayers, songs, Bible readings and other useful words and ideas which are taken from the liturgy of the Church of England. These can be sorted with Season and Value indexes to make patterns where you can slot stories and other things to go with your themes. 

Our resources are arranged according to our own special 'map of worship'. Each resource is downloadable on its own in the resources section. The Eucharist is a special act of worship which has a planner all of its own - click the Eucharist tab to find out more.

Call to Worship

How are your acts of worship announced? How do people know that it is time to gather for worship? What is the equivalent of the 'ringing of bells' in your school?


This part of WorshipWorkshop includes different greetings to share at the beginning of a gathering for worship. Using a liturgical greeting marks the beginning of the pattern of worship. 

The Word of God

A selection of texts to introduce Bible readings. This section also has a collection of short Bible readings andsugesstions for longer ones all linked to the season and value indexes.


This is the part of our worship where we join in with something. We might hear a story or perform a play or join in a dance or be asked to think about something. WorshipWorkshop has links to other websites and suggestions about resources where you can find lots of things to do!


 A big section of the website which has several kinds of response including Prayer, The Peace and Offertory. One special way of responding is through Songs & Hymns - WorshipWorkshop has 100 songs for you to choose from. All the songs can be found by clicking the Songs & Hymns tab.

Sending Out

What do we do that makes sure that what we have learned or done worship is taken forward into the life of our school?  WorshipWorkshop has many suggestions for words to use at the end of worship to bring it to a proper end. 

A more detailed guide to the website is in the resources section. You can download it here if you like.

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