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  • Prayer for Faith

    A prayer for Christmas which has a lovely theme of light within it. We can see in this prayer that the 'light' of God is seen through the things that we do and say.
    Illumine means 'make clear' or 'shine on'.

  • Ascension Day

    The story of the Ascension is a bit like the story of Christmas backwards. In this story Jesus who rose from the dead ascends to heaven taking our human nature with him, just as he brought God's nature with him when he was born. Th...

  • Collect for Advent

    The story of Mary is very important in Christianity and here the story of the birth of Jesus is used as a picture of the Christian belief that the Kingdom of God will come and bring an end to the pains that life brings to us a...

  • Collect for Christmas

    In this Collect we are brought into the stable where we kneel and pray. When the words say that 'heaven touching earth' it is about God becoming human like us. (Collect from Christmas Day to January 5th)

  • Prayer for Light

    A prayer which helps us to celebrate the gifts of God in creation and in Christ. It is a lovely prayer to use at the end of worship, or at the end of a week. It also fits very well at the time of Harvest and Christmas.

  • Prayer for the Kingdom

    This prayer would work well at Christmas but it is also about God's kingdom which Jesus speaks about in Matthew's Gospel. What does it mean to be children living in this kingdom.

  • Prayer of Rejoicing

    A Christmas prayer which works well towards the end of an act of worship. The words 'Son of Mary, Son of God' are about Jesus.

  • Prayer for Fathers

    Here we have a good prayer for Fathers' day! There are some lovely images of parenting, all based on Christian values. It is a prayer which is also good for use at Christmas. This prayer mentions the value of trust - notice that God is ...

  • Unto us a child is born

    These words are often used at Christmas because they remind us of when Christ was born. They also help us to remember that Christians believe that Jesus was, and is, the promised Prince who will bring peace to all people and nation...

  • Christmas 1


    The traditional story of the journey to Bethlehem and the manger.

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