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    Community (Koinonia)

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    Community (Koinonia)

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    Community (Koinonia)

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    Community (Koinonia)

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    Community (Koinonia)

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    Community (Koinonia)

  • Prayer for our Community

    In this prayer there are many ideas about God and the way that Christians understand what the Holy Spirit does for families and relationships.

  • Prayer for Everyone

    A lovely inclusive prayer which celebrates the many people living in the world. The second part of the prayer is a call of praise to God which reminds us of the call of the crowds on Palm Sunday and is a picture of the worship of the sa...

  • Collect for Pentecost

    This Collect recalls the story of the coming of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost when flames appeared on the heads of the disciples after a great wind from heaven had blown through their house. Breath is often used as a way of de...

  • Prayer for Saints

    In these words we pray for the community of Christians - those who live in a 'fellowship' which is held together by Christ and the values he teaches us.

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