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  • Creativity/Creation 1


    You might like to read the whole creation story in Genesis Chapter 1 

  • Creativity/Creation 2


  • Creativity/Creation 3


    You may wish to read the whole of Psalm 8

  • Creativity/Creation 4


  • Creativity/Creation

    This reading brings out the power of God in making the world
    and the Word. The Word here is a special name for Jesus. There are many names or titles of Jesus in the ...

  • Collect for Epiphany

    This Collect tells us that God has made the world and that through the life of Jesus Christ we can see the glory of God. This is a Collect for the season of Epiphany when Christ was 'shown' to the magi, the wise men....

  • Collect for Pentecost

    This Collect recalls the story of the coming of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost when flames appeared on the heads of the disciples after a great wind from heaven had blown through their house. Breath is often used as a way of de...

  • Prayer for Compassion

    This prayer shows what the love of God really means and how it works in practical ways. The Bible readings help us see that these good things happen when we follow God's values and commandments.

  • Prayer for Heaven and Earth

    This is a great prayer for peace which gives us the idea of peace as something shared between heaven and earth. The prayer also shows us what happens when we ignore peace and become angry. The prayer brings together the Church, the nati...

  • Prayer for Creation

    A prayer which brings out some attributes of God. There are three attributes for us to think about. An important part of this prayer is the idea of our 'offering a 'sacrifice' of praise - there is nothing else we can give, because every...

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