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  • Generosity

    These words of Jesus show us the importance of how we give. We can see that the way in which we show our generosity is very important. The reading begins with words about judgement and forgiveness which help...

  • Prayer for our Community

    In this prayer there are many ideas about God and the way that Christians understand what the Holy Spirit does for families and relationships.

  • Collect 1 for Trinity

    This Collect makes us think of the world and its problems by describing it as 'wounded'. When we say this prayer we are asking God to help us remember and act upon the values we live by - the Christian values found in the Bible.

  • Harvest Thanksgiving

    The value of respect is built into this Collect which uses vivid pictures to help us think about the world in which we live. The land, sea and seasons are all essential to a good harvest. What happens when the land or seas are 'disrespe...

  • Yours Lord is the Greatness

    A prayer which reminds us that everything is made by God and that whatever we give is really only giving it back to God. Giving things 'back to God' by sharing them with others is a very good way of saying 'thank you' to God.

  • Generous God

    This prayer reminds us that we are 'stewards' of God's creation. The gifts we give are symbols of our work as carers of the world.  This is 'the work' we have been given to do.
    You can replace the words 'this money' with othe...

  • God of life

    This prayer is more suitable for older groups.
    In simpler words the prayer says something like this:

    God of life, who cares for the poor with the gifts we give,  thank you for the good things you have given ...

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