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  • Prayer for Everyone

    A lovely inclusive prayer which celebrates the many people living in the world. The second part of the prayer is a call of praise to God which reminds us of the call of the crowds on Palm Sunday and is a picture of the worship of the sa...

  • Prayer for Refreshment

    In this prayer we think of our lives as a journey. On this journey we need many things to 'refresh' and 'sustain' us. God gives us 'living water', Jesus talks about this in John's Gospel.

  • Prayer for Compassion

    This prayer shows what the love of God really means and how it works in practical ways. The Bible readings help us see that these good things happen when we follow God's values and commandments.

  • Prayer for the Bible

    This is a prayer of thanks for the Bible and describes it as a gift, a lantern and a strength. The second part of the prayer is about what we should do because of the values that the Bible teaches. Sometimes Christians talk about the Bi...

  • Prayer for Heaven and Earth

    This is a great prayer for peace which gives us the idea of peace as something shared between heaven and earth. The prayer also shows us what happens when we ignore peace and become angry. The prayer brings together the Church, the nati...

  • Prayer for Gathering Up

    This prayer has a theme of 'bringing together' going all the way through it. God is described as 'one' and through the power of this one God Christians believe that people will come together as a family and that broken and wounded thing...

  • Harvest Thanksgiving

    The value of respect is built into this Collect which uses vivid pictures to help us think about the world in which we live. The land, sea and seasons are all essential to a good harvest. What happens when the land or seas are 'disrespe...

  • Generous God

    This prayer reminds us that we are 'stewards' of God's creation. The gifts we give are symbols of our work as carers of the world.  This is 'the work' we have been given to do.
    You can replace the words 'this money' with othe...

  • God of life

    This prayer is more suitable for older groups.
    In simpler words the prayer says something like this:

    God of life, who cares for the poor with the gifts we give,  thank you for the good things you have given ...

  • Blessed are you

    In this prayer we reflect on our work and our abilities (our labour and skill). The prayer mentions money  - you may like to use other words if you have used your work to make other things.

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