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  • Holy Week

    Our reading is a famous story and, in Mark's Gospel, comes at the beginning of Holy Week. Jesus throwing over the tables of the Temple can be seen as a summary of everything that Jesus did. Just as Jesus made

  • When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

    This traditional hymn focuses dramatically on Christ's death on the cross. The words use contrasts, such as 'love and sorrow', to make us think about Christ's love. It is often sung in Holy Week or in communion services. ...

  • Palm Sunday

    This Collect reminds us of the story of Jesus coming into Jerusalem as a popular hero, the Messiah, cheered by the crowd. In this Collect we ask for faith. Here the word is not used just to mean 'belief' but also a way of know...

  • Good Friday

    When we sin we do not live up to our values and this can lead to other people suffering. The way that Jesus suffered when he was betrayed by his friends shows just how much harm our sin can do. We need God's love, healing and forgivenes...

  • God of life

    This prayer is more suitable for older groups.
    In simpler words the prayer says something like this:

    God of life, who cares for the poor with the gifts we give,  thank you for the good things you have given ...

  • Gracious God

    The value of service is brought out in this prayer. The prayer also shows that our lives themselves are gifts that can be used in God's service.

  • Christ is our peace

    These words come from St Paul's way of understanding what Jesus did by dying on Good Friday, and rising again on Easter morning.

  • We are all one in Christ Jesus.

    Peace happens when we understand that we 'belong' to each other. The Christian faith helps people understand what belonging means through the example of Jesus Christ and being part of his family - the Church.

  • Blessed are the peacemakers

    This includes some words of Jesus from part of Matthew's Gospel often called the beatitudes. These show the concern Jesus had for people who have difficult lives and the values they see as important.

  • Peace I leave with you

    These words were spoken to the disciples by Jesus, after his ressurection. They remind Christians that they too are disciples and followers of Jesus - even after such a long time.

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