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  • Good Friday

    When we sin we do not live up to our values and this can lead to other people suffering. The way that Jesus suffered when he was betrayed by his friends shows just how much harm our sin can do. We need God's love, healing and forgivenes...

  • Easter Day

    In this Collect there is hope as we see that Christ, the light of the world, brings a 'new day'. The Ash Wednesday Collect mentions sin and this one talks about 'hell'. Just as there are different ways to think about sin there are ...

  • Easter Season

    This Collect does two important things. Firstly it tells us that Christ is risen from the dead. It does this very simply by using the word 'risen' twice. Secondly it asks for us to become like the disciples and to tell the story of what...

  • Collect 2 for Trinity

    In this Collect we are asking for God's strength to follow the example of Jesus so that we do not become proud when we have plenty - when we 'prosper'. We also ask God to 'save us from despair' or give us hope, when we are in need. The ...

  • Blessing Prayer

    A very suitable prayer for the time of All Saints/All Souls. This prayer is actually a 'blessing'. If it was spoken by a priest he or she might change the word 'us' to 'you'.

  • Though many

    This prayer uses the picture of a body to describe the community of Christians. Just like our bodies all the different parts have to work together well for it to work properly, each part has to use its special 'gift' alongside the other...

  • Grace, mercy and peace be with you

    A greeting which reminds us of attributes of God. God is the giver of grace and is merciful and gives us his peace. You could make other versions of this greeting using values like this 'Hope, respect and wisdom be with you'. These are ...

  • Courage 3


  • Trust 4


  • Hope 1


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