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  • Diamond Jubilee 2

    Diamond Jubilee

    Isaiah's vision of the world under the rule of God's Peace

  • Diamond Jubilee 3

    Diamond Jubilee

    Isaiah looks forward to a just rule - but he notes that people will need to show repentence in order for this kingdom to come.

  • Aaronic Kyrie

    This Kyrie intermingles our call for mercy with the priestly words of blessing from the Old Testament.

  • Justice

    This Gospel reading brings together the things that Jesus did with words from the Old Testament. Here we see that Jesus kept some of the things that he did a secret. He seems to want the discip...

  • Intercession 1

    This intercession has a simple response which can easily be learned. The prayer includes some everyday things that are important to us; our work, the people we meet. In our prayer we should remember that these things are also import...

  • Sent by the Lord am I

    (Prayer, Reflection, Sending Out) This song from Nicaragua in Central America reminds us that we are called by God to make his kingdom come on earth. The task is ours - we cannot leave it to the angels. It is best sung at the end of an act...

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