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  • Prayer for Life and Work

    This is an excellent offertory prayer - in which we ask God to accept our work. It would go well in celebration worship where the work of the week is celebrated.

  • Ash Wednesday

    A Collect used only on Ash Wednesday - the first day of Lent. The word sin is often used to mean something like 'wrongdoing' or 'bad things'. It is better to think of it as meaning something like 'not doing the bes...

  • Lent

    The word 'discipline' in this Collect is not used to mean 'punishment' but to mean 'following a pattern or example'. The example we are asking to follow is that of Jesus; his life of prayer, teaching and self-sacrifice. The word mystery...

  • Ordinary time before Lent

     This short collect brings the two values of reverence and respect into the story of creation. The way in which people behave is important if we are to have good relationships with each other and with the fragile world around us. F...

  • Collect 2 for Trinity

    In this Collect we are asking for God's strength to follow the example of Jesus so that we do not become proud when we have plenty - when we 'prosper'. We also ask God to 'save us from despair' or give us hope, when we are in need. The ...

  • Mothering Sunday

    These words make a special picture of a loving parent who is tender and careful. Someone strong and passionate about us, their children. This picture of watching and holding shows us what kind of parent God is.

  • Prayer for Thankful Hearts

    This prayer gives us words to help us think about God's love when we ask for God's help in following the many values that Jesus showed us. Notice that in Christian belief it is the Holy Spirit who gives the love we need to follow t...

  • Lent 1 (Ash Wednesday)

    Ash Wednesday

    At the beginning of Lent Christians share a special time to say sorry.
    You might like to read more (or all) of Psalm 51

  • Lent 2


    The story of Jesus in the desert. It is three gospels, Mark's version is very short!

  • Lent 3


    The famous story of Jonah includes the tale of the people of Nineveh putting on ashes to show how sorry they are. 

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