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  • Prayer for our Community

    In this prayer there are many ideas about God and the way that Christians understand what the Holy Spirit does for families and relationships.

  • Prayer for Life and Work

    This is an excellent offertory prayer - in which we ask God to accept our work. It would go well in celebration worship where the work of the week is celebrated.

  • Prayer for Peace

    This short prayer is very personal. In it we bring ourselves completely before God, body, mind and spirit.
    What do the words body, mind and spirit mean to you?

  • Easter Season

    This Collect does two important things. Firstly it tells us that Christ is risen from the dead. It does this very simply by using the word 'risen' twice. Secondly it asks for us to become like the disciples and to tell the story of what...

  • Collect for Pentecost

    This Collect recalls the story of the coming of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost when flames appeared on the heads of the disciples after a great wind from heaven had blown through their house. Breath is often used as a way of de...

  • Collect 1 for Trinity

    This Collect makes us think of the world and its problems by describing it as 'wounded'. When we say this prayer we are asking God to help us remember and act upon the values we live by - the Christian values found in the Bible.

  • Prayer for Heaven and Earth

    This is a great prayer for peace which gives us the idea of peace as something shared between heaven and earth. The prayer also shows us what happens when we ignore peace and become angry. The prayer brings together the Church, the nati...

  • Before Advent

    In the four weeks before Advent we think of the coming of the Kingdom of God, the coming together of all our Christian values into a perfect world. This Collect helps us think of that perfect world and reminds us that it is because of J...

  • Christ is our peace

    These words come from St Paul's way of understanding what Jesus did by dying on Good Friday, and rising again on Easter morning.

  • We are all one in Christ Jesus.

    Peace happens when we understand that we 'belong' to each other. The Christian faith helps people understand what belonging means through the example of Jesus Christ and being part of his family - the Church.

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