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  • Prayer for Life and Work

    This is an excellent offertory prayer - in which we ask God to accept our work. It would go well in celebration worship where the work of the week is celebrated.

  • Prayer for Service

    In these words we remind ourselves of two important things about Christian belief. Firstly that the life, death and resurrection of Christ are essential for bringing us close to God and secondly that to stay close to God we must fo...

  • All Saints

    Saints are people from the life of the Church who set us examples of how we might live as followers of Christ. Some have been wise and learned, others have given selfless service. There are many to choose from, all of whom have differen...

  • Generous God

    This prayer reminds us that we are 'stewards' of God's creation. The gifts we give are symbols of our work as carers of the world.  This is 'the work' we have been given to do.
    You can replace the words 'this money' with othe...

  • God of life

    This prayer is more suitable for older groups.
    In simpler words the prayer says something like this:

    God of life, who cares for the poor with the gifts we give,  thank you for the good things you have given ...

  • Gracious God

    The value of service is brought out in this prayer. The prayer also shows that our lives themselves are gifts that can be used in God's service.

  • We have come together to offer

    An adapted version of a gathering text which is a more inclusive prayer for gatherings of people from different cultures. Notice the importance of the value of service in these words.

  • We have come together in the name of Christ

    This text says why we gather for worship and brings out the Christian belief in the Trinity. Notice the importance of the value of service in these words. This greeting is a good one for worship which focuses on the Word of God.

  • Service 1


  • Service 2


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