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  • Collect 2 for Trinity

    In this Collect we are asking for God's strength to follow the example of Jesus so that we do not become proud when we have plenty - when we 'prosper'. We also ask God to 'save us from despair' or give us hope, when we are in need. The ...

  • Prayer for Darkness and Light

    This prayer asks God to be with us at all times, and through all our feelings whether they are good, bad, happy or sad - whether we are in trouble or joy. See again that we have three things to do; trust, serve and praise.

  • Prayer for Fathers

    Here we have a good prayer for Fathers' day! There are some lovely images of parenting, all based on Christian values. It is a prayer which is also good for use at Christmas. This prayer mentions the value of trust - notice that God is ...

  • Lord's Prayer 1

    God is often called Father in the New Testament, these introductory words emphasise that God is a father we can trust.

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